Sunday, June 1, 2014

Your Weekend Update...Deoksugung Palace

Happy June, everyone!  
Can't believe we're entering month 6 of living in South Korea - crazy!!

Just a quick update for everyone about our weekend activities, as I was feeling a bit (okay, a lot) under the weather this past week and am playing catch-up with almost everything around the house.  Fair warning - lots of pictures will follow.

Friday was "Let's go to the Mall" day - so Michael could run himself ragged and Mommy could continue recuperating. We headed to the new Playtime Kid's Club and he had a blast:

We also took some time to garden and play on our balcony...ah, city life.

Saturday we ventured out to see Deoksugung Palace in downtown Seoul.  

Michael made a new friend right away. 

The architecture and decoration are beautiful - it's hard to do it justice in a few pictures, but I'll try.

We trudged around for a bit in the heat and decided to stop for some ice cream by this display of pretty cool artifacts - all listed on the list of national treasures.

This is an arrow cannon - 100 arrows at the same time using gunpowder to release

A beautiful bell

and a water clock

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art is also on the grounds and we availed ourselves of its AC for a bit. It was great fun asking Michael to tell us what he saw in the pictures (sorry, no photos allowed) - some of his answers made way more sense than the titles of the paintings. 
Click the link above to see some examples of the work displayed there.

There is a great view from the top of the art museum's steps - an example of the past and present living side-by-side in the city.  
The buildings in the background on the left are the old and new City Hall buildings. 

I snapped this photo of both the modern city hall and the library as we were leaving. 
As I've mentioned before, the country is in a state of mourning over the loss of so many young lives with the sinking of the Ferry Sewol on April 16th and will be for some time, as there are still 16 missing. In the photo below you can see a small number of the many, many yellow ribbons with messages to the victims, as well as the large banner across the front of the library that says "Mian Hamnida" (I'm Sorry) - something government officials and people have said repeatedly for the disaster.

A moment of somber remembrance and a reminder to appreciate all that we have.

We had a wonderful and memorable weekend in Seoul - 
hope you enjoyed the trip via pictures!

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