Monday, June 9, 2014

Shopping in Insa-dong

What to do on a mild and sunny Sunday afternoon? How about some shopping and Korean food? We hopped on the subway and headed to Insa-dong for a little of both.

Insa-dong is a street with a mix of traditional Korean culture, antiques, art and craft shops, traditional teahouses, and art galleries. On Sundays, the main street is closed to car traffic and vendors sell their items on the street.

It was close to lunch time, so we headed down a side street and ventured into a welcoming looking restaurant for some Bibimbap and Bean Pancakes.  As usual, there were numerous side dishes and very little was left on the plate when we were done.

Michael has been doing better with eating new foods, but not so much this day. We kept him busy by having him study the map of the street - he took this job very seriously - thus, this face:

Since we were in an area that has so many art shops and galleries, it was only fitting to find this giant paint brush sculpture at the top of the street.

It was also a nice place to take a rest from walking...

...before we got to some serious window shopping.  There are many shops with traditional souvenirs and curiosity items.

And in true Korean fashion, some not-so-traditional items. 
If you're faint of heart, skip this next picture...

We bought a few items - a fan, a statue, a toy for Michael (and nothing from the previous picture) - and then decided we had to try one of these bizarre looking ice cream "cones":

Fun and tasty!

We'll definitely have to go back - for more shopping, to visit some of the historical venues, and for the different cultural experiences.

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