Saturday, June 14, 2014

War Memorial of Korea and Robocar Poli Play Park

This past week we spent the day at the War Memorial of Korea, which is just a short 15 minute walk from our apartment building in Seoul.  There are numerous outdoor monuments and exhibits on the grounds, including a large field of military vehicles and equipment.

The Statue of Brothers

Inside the museum, there are three floors dedicated to Korean history, culture, and military actions. There is a very impressive, scaled down version of the Turtle Ship.

The 3rd floor has a section dedicated to the ROK Armed Forces.

 The museum also has a fun, summer section for kids right now - the Robocar Poli Play Park - in the basement area atrium. Robot cars, bouncy houses, and climbing? We had to take Michael, of course!

The park was pretty impressive and was full of school groups when we entered, but Michael was allowed to jump right on most sections since he was on his own. 

He started off slow with the fun little train ride...

...and quickly surprised us by wanting to do the zip line and rope course. 
We seriously wished we had these around when we were kids!

We watched a portion of the live character show, with singing and dancing, but since it was all in Korean, Michael's interest was not held for long.  
We're working on it, but he's stuck on "Hello" at the moment.

Instead, he headed over to the inflatable climbing wall and four other bouncers in the park - it was a great day and he was in bed by 5:30!  :)

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