Sunday, June 29, 2014

Splashing around at Yeouido Hangang Park

On Friday we joined some friends from the local playgroup at Yeouido Hangang Park for some fun in the splash fountains. Michael was very excited and happily modeled his best Korean picture pose!

Say "Kimchi"!

We started out in the small wading river near Mapo Bridge. There is a heavily used bike path around the park and lots of places to picnic.

The view from the park is excellent - lots of cruises going by and even some water skiers along the 
Han River while we were there.

There were, as always, statues and artwork to be found throughout the area.

Once the fountain turned on, we headed over to the larger wading pool to get even wetter. Kids were using flattened out 2-liter water bottles to slide down the large angled structures along the edge.

A fun and silly day in the sun. We'll probably spend a good portion of our summer at one or more of these water parks in the area - when it's not raining!

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