Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yeouido's 63 Building

            The 63 Building - a gleaming, golden monument to everything modern in South Korea - is full of attractions for the family.  Inside is 63 Square  - an entertainment area with an aquarium, a wax museum, an art hall, a theater, restaurants, and shopping - all in one building towering over Yeouido Island and the Han River.
We had an entire Saturday free from any sort of schedule, so we decided to brave the neighboring roadways and drove over the river to Yeouido. It's easy to see the building as you approach, which made it even easier to figure out where we needed to be.

First stop was, of course, the aquarium - especially when Michael saw these:

They had the seals and the penguins right up front, as the first exhibits - 
so we had one happy camper on our hands!

The next area was a thrill feature called "Thrill Water" - which has you standing on windows above the shark tank....which was fine, except when you could feel it move and they had pumped in sound effects of glass shattering...not cool. Okay, pretty cool - but some of us didn't appreciate it.  ;)

There is a wall of sea creature x-rays - way cool!

And thanks to Michael's obsession with Octonauts, we knew this long, creepy thing was an Oar Fish.

There was a small section of non-aquatic animals - lizards, snakes, birds - and this random hampster in with some energetic chipmunks.  

There was a very large tank with a ton of these very orange fish - picture doesn't do them justice.

And the boy's favorite - SHARKS!

Next up was a wax museum - a random assortment a figures, sculpted to look somewhat similar to their famous counterparts.

Had to take a picture of Elvis for Rob's Mom.  : )

Can you guess who the following are?

Our future holiday photo?

Or maybe this one?

There was a mini Horror Museum section - Rob and I took turns running through it without Michael. It was even creepier when you were on your own, with no one to hold onto, so we literally ran through it. I didn't survive the experience.  ;)

I think this was Rob's favorite section:

No, I'm Batman!

After our harrowing experience in the Horror section, we needed some refreshment - off to Beans and Berries we went for a mango smoothie and this shaved ice berry concoction.

Our Big 3 exhibit ticket also enabled us to ride the outdoor elevator up to the 63 Sky Art Gallery.

Up on the 60th floor, we had some amazing views, even on a cloudy day!

A fun day, and a nice way to stay out of the heat and humidity on a Saturday.

For anyone local in Korea, visit their website for ticket info and transportation directions:

63 Square


  1. Great pictures from the top. I went there early spring, but the weather succed that day so I saw .... nothong :-(
    I love your picture!! Should I take garlic with me next time I see you.....that would be this Saturday:-)

    1. Ha ha - you could definitely find garlic around somewhere, I'm sure! ;) Looking forward to Saturday.