Tuesday, July 8, 2014

R16 Korea World Finals

Thanks to the KTO, some friends and I were able to see the R16 Korea World Finals this weekend. It's an international B-Boy competition held in Korea, with B-Boys, poppers, and lockers from 16 different nations. This year's event was held at Olympic Hall, at the Seoul Olympic Park from the 1988 Summer Games.

The building has some serious bling on it. :)

We checked in at the K-Performance Supporters table and got some cool cell phone swag.

There was also an Urban Art display in the courtyard, with work by Graffiti Artists Jay Flow, Artime Joe, Xeva, and Semi .

Here's Rob being gangsta, yo.

While we waited for the doors to open, some old school B-Boy and break dancing was going on outside - we nodded along to Run-D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys, feeling like we were in a time warp. Ah, the music of our youth.

There were vendor tents selling clothes, hats, sunglasses, spray paint, etc., and some of the performers or other personalities mugging for photos.

We finally escaped the heat and went to our VIP seats inside. There was also a crowd of people standing up against the stage, but our 5K the day before made our seats look and feel pretty awesome.

Kenny Mohammad, a beat boxer from the US (also known as the
 the Human Orchestra,) got the crowd fired up.

The one-on-one B-Boy battles began and there were some pretty sweet moves .

Snapped this pic of Gravity from the US during his first battle (he won that round).

The Electric Boogaloos were the judges for the Popping competition, and as with all of the other panel judges before, they gave a performance of their talents - pretty cool!

The one-on-one solo battles were awesome! B-Boy in Korea started gaining popularity in the 90s and there are now many talented dancers - here's a quick snapshot of an article for anyone interested in the history here.

And Saturday's winners were:

B-Boy:  Issei, from Japan

Locking:  Cio, from Japan

Popping:  Kid Boogie, from the USA

Here is a clip of one of my favorite battles, thanks to .stance (a hip hop lifestyle channel):

Gravity vs Wing // R16 Korea World Finals 2014 // Top 8

Gravity (USA) vs Wing (Korea)   (winner: Wing)

and here's a clip of the final B-Boy battle:

Lil Zoo vs Issei // R16 Korea World Finals 2014 // Final Battle

Lil Zoo (Morocco) vs Issei (Japan)
(winner: Issei)

As we left, I snapped these pics of the lobby, where there is a History of Korean Popular Music.

A fun night - thanks, KTO!

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