Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Visit to Seoul Tower

It's been a quiet few days here, so I thought I would post about a trip we took earlier in our adventures, before I had started the blog.  Back in March, we had the opportunity to visit the Seoul Tower on top of Namsam - which is the mountain park we can see from our balcony and base.

We were getting a tour with friends, so we were allowed to cheat and drive up the mountain - but there are a number of hiking paths, as well as a cable car to the top.    

Our walk was a relatively short one (which was a good thing with three youngsters in tow) and we explored the grounds a bit. There are often shows and performers here, and a number of restaurants are at the base of the tower.

Recycled art to see shapes from up above.

There was a ceremony demonstration happening on the grounds and 
we were able to catch a portion of it during Michael's snack break.

We also came prepared to add our "love lock" to the surrounding walls - a tradition for anyone visiting the top of the mountain.


We then rode the elevator to the top (very fast!) and took a look around.  Great views, even on an overcast winter day.

The high-rises in the middle and to the right in this next picture are our "neighborhood".

A nice day with friends in Seoul. 

One of these days (when it's a bit cooler) we'll make the trek as a family back up on foot (Rob does it quite often as part of his morning PT run).  :)


  1. Notice how my Matthew keeps a close eye on his sister... He's got your little 4 year old Casanova figured out! Great times m'friend... What's the next adventure?

    1. Ha ha! Too funny! And we're always up for an adventure, Joe - just name the date and we can figure out a place!