Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day 5K and Jump!

Saturday was a Bruns Family "Out-and-About-the-Town" kind of day. It started with a Memorial Day 5K Fun Run - Michael joined Rob for a quick run in the morning.

"No, Michael - don't run to Mommy - run to the orange cones at the finish line!" 
Notice he ran the race like a boss - goldfish snack cup in hand.  ;)

After that excitement, we took a break for lunch (and naps) and then jumped on the subway headed to City Hall station. Next up was a visit to the Kyunghyang Art Hill for a performance of JUMP.

As we walked down the stone-wall road by Deoksugung Palace, we noticed a new sculpture in front of the Art Museum, which made me think of all my SAI sisters - miss you!

I had a monitoring ticket, thanks to the generosity of the Korean Tourism Organization, and we were brave parents for this one - brought along the kiddo for some martial arts entertainment. He was tired from the healthy walk from the subway, so it was amazingly easy to get him to sit down for the show.

He was especially happy to have his very own orange chair cushion and I LOVED that it was long enough to keep his legs up and out of "kicking the seat in front of you" position!

The theater set was a sparse one, which made sense later on as the flipping and kicking started. The floor is also a springy one, to help with the rebounds.

"Jump" had a fun, comedic storyline about a family of martial artists who eventually have to defend their home from a group of burglars. The show stayed true to the format of having audience participation segments and showcasing the actors' talents at various parts. It ended with a full group choreographed routine and a dazzling display of acrobatics. Very fun, very entertaining, and it managed to keep the attention of a 4-year old for most of the 80 minutes. Two-thumbs up! For anyone in Korea, here is the info from the back of the show's brochure:

Later that night, we got to have a mini reunion with a former student of mine from Groton, NY - Kaitlin's been teaching English here for the past few years and we managed to sneak this visit in before she heads back to the states. The world is truly a small place.

And on a final note,
Happy Memorial Day to all of our US friends and family, 
especially those who have served or are serving
our country in the military!

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