Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy 4th, Michael!

Somehow time has flown by and our little guy just turned 4 - what?! It sounds so cliche, but I really do feel like he was just this big not too long ago:

Now he's this:

Again, what?!?!

To celebrate, he had a play group party at a park on Friday morning and another party at our place on Sunday (his actual birthday). Fun was had by all during our Octonauts themed weekend. I had fun crafting some of the party elements - thank you, Pinterest, for your useful (and addicting) suggestions.  Enjoy the pics!

Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa Kaufmann on Saturday:

And a few pictures from Sunday's shenanigans...

A happy boy digging through the Amazon boxes from Aunt Liz, Uncle Tony, and AJ, 
as well as Grandma Ella Bruns. Octonauts are in the house!

And he blew out his candles that evening, even though he still won't eat any kind of cake, cupcakes, or cookies. I know what you're thinking...he won't eat what?!? 
He had some yummy cherry tomatoes instead.    :)

Happy Birthday, Michael!

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