Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Seoul National Science Museum

Our family is HOT - look at that thermal imaging!
And no, we didn't have another child...a random kid decided to photo bomb on the left.  : )

As promised with my above photo teaser on the last palace post
here's some info about our fun afternoon at the Seoul National Science Museum.

I wrote up a full article with directions and pictures for Korea Ye!  Click Here to read it.

In addition, here are some more fun photos from the end of our very full Saturday.


Michael posing with the museum mascot and feeling the ocean pressure on a whale.

 A cool visual experiment - which Einstein is looking at you?

 Some new friends from nature that we encountered...

and some old friends...really, really old.

Something shiny for my sister, Emily, the Geologist...

And something for the kid in me that wanted to be a Paleontologist...yep, I did.

"No, Daddy!"

Having a little too much fun here...

Our final family photo of the day...dang flowers!

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