Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Random "Living in Korea" Stuff - The Bathroom Edition

So I have already posted about my run-in with a squatting toilet and mentioned that they have poop cookies over here in South Korea. This "random" post is dedicated to all things bathroom related that have made me chuckle or go "hmmmm".

1) Just in case anyone gets confused with a non-squatting toilet, I found this sign in one stall at a theater:

2) And for those who might get embarrassed by the sounds they are about to make, some public restrooms come equipped with "etiquette bells". Push the button and a static sound sound or music will play to cover up any other noises in the bathroom...which means everyone knows what you're doing anyway!

3) There are communal "Soap on a Stick" fixtures in many restrooms, like this one:

4) Toilet paper - is often found at a dispenser outside the actual restroom cubicle and there is usually a garbage can in the stall for you to deposit it in rather than flush it, as Korean pipes are smaller and prone to clogging. Not easy to get used to and I always make sure to have a packet of tissues on hand, just in case!

5) Remember those poop cookies?  Well there is an entire cartoon character dedicated to the substance, named Dongchimee, or Poop Man. He looks like this (and this is a tame version):

There are breads, cafes, museums, books - you name it and there is probably something poo related available.  I found an interesting article on a blog called Seoul Searching about it - "The Scoop on Poop in South Korea" - a fun read - enjoy!


  1. The etiquette bell was my favorite. I wonder if they'd catch on here in the US?!

    1. They are pretty interesting - I was almost afraid to push the button to see what it sounded like. They are all different!