Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eighth Army Band at Yeouido's Floating Stage

The Eighth Army Band performed a great concert on the floating stage at Yeouido's Hangang Park this past weekend. The program included marches and traditional American music performed by the concert band, traditional Korean drumming by a ROK group, an opener by the Alliance brass, and K-Pop favorites featuring the band's rock ensemble.

Rob was able to conduct a few pieces, including American Salute by Morton Gould, and can also be seen on the far right of the next photo dancing to the Tadpole song - a popular Korean kid's tune.  :)

Before the concert, Michael took a quick dip in the fountains and 
then we hunkered down with snacks for the show.


It was threatening to rain, and a few drops fell here and there, but the breeze was a welcome relief to the week's 90%+ humidity - and the view was superb.

A great show - by the Eighth Army Band and by Mother Nature.

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