Sunday, August 17, 2014

Random "Living in Korea" Stuff - our weekend edition

I had to laugh. I try to post a variety of things on this blog - tales of our adventures, educational items, random facts, etc. - and so far the most visited and popular post was about poop.  Go figure!  ;) 

Here's a quick weekend update, with some random facts and info (no poop, sorry!):

1) Only in Korea do I feel like I'm opening a present when we order pizza (makes it way easier for the delivery men to hang on to it):

2) This past Friday, August 15th, was Gwangbokjeol, or National Liberation Day, in Korea.  Liberation Day celebrates Korea’s independence from Imperial Japan in 1945.  As a result, the town was decked out with the taegukki (태국기), or Korean flag, in very patriotic flair:

3) To celebrate the alliance between the US and ROK forces, one of the activities was a 5K held on post - Rob and Michael participated, as usual, and Michael ran just a little bit more of this one:

4) As you may or may not have known, Pope Francis was in town this weekend for numerous events, including a ceremony to beatify 124 Korean martyrs.  He gave a public mass at Gwanghwamun Square on Saturday morning, where close to 1 million people congregated. (Click here to see a pic). The subway stations nearby were closed, roads were blocked off, and the busses from all of the groups who came from out of town were lined up along the roads all the way down to where we live:

I happened to be walking towards another event at the time the crowd was finally reaching us after the mass, and this was my random Pope sighting for the day:

 5. Finally, Saturday ended with my first ever Sip 'n Paint event - I've seen pictures of friends attending parties in the states and was super excited to find an expat offering one down the street, aptly named "Art & Seoul". This day, the picture was of a buddha - here is the first step:

And here's what I ended up with after a few hours and a bottle of wine:

Happy Weekend!

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