Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Musical Weekend - AFSC Choir and 8th Army Band Concert

A few weeks back, the Bruns Family had a very musical weekend, and it felt good to stretch those music muscles a bit. 

While my oboe did not get any exercise this time around, my vocal cords managed to hold their own. As part of my activities with the American Forces' Spouses' Club, I was the Music Club leader this year and one of our final events was singing a bunch of Broadway tunes during the end of the year gala. Seven wonderful ladies joined me for the fun and worked super hard to make it happen. It was a pure pleasure working with all of them; it brought me back to my earlier days of teaching choir and show choir in NY and GA.

Rob and I also had fun singing a tune together - "The Song That Goes Like This" from Spamalot. We managed to get a few laughs from the crowd (he is such a diva).  :)

A few favorites were sung - "Seasons of Love"; "Hard Knock Life"; "So Long, Farewell". I know a number of former students may start humming to themselves right about're welcome.  ;)

photo courtesy of Lisa Bond Photography

And we had a nice dinner to top it all off.

Later that weekend, Rob conducted the 8th Army Band at one of the concerts in its Spring Series. It was an outdoor venue, on the top of Namsan by N Seoul Tower - a good time to bring the munchkin with me to enjoy the tunes...

...and the view.

photo courtesy of my friend, Angelle

There were a number of featured soloist pieces - "Tuba Tiger Rag" and "Persuasion":

Here's a bit of the tuba piece:

The brass band (Spartan Brass) and brass quintets (Alliance Brass) pumped up the crowd.

There were some local dancers...

...and this is what happens when you bring a 5 year old to an hour+ concert...

It was a good concert and a good weekend with great music making.

And silly selfies on the bus.

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