Saturday, May 30, 2015

An Avengers Themed Weekend

Avengers - assemble!

So it's no secret that we're pretty big comic book and super hero fans around here. We could NOT pass up the opportunity to visit an Avengers exhibit at the nearby Korean War Memorial.

They gave us some snazzy arm bands, complete with mini computer screens, that we used throughout the exhibit. 

And then the fun movie prop show began with some of Hawkeye's gear:

And a station to test your grip strength compared to Captain America's...this was my result:

Rob's result:

and Michael's:  :)

Either way, poor Rob was so close to the shield, and yet so far...

They had sections for each Avenger, including a computerized version of the Hulk...who happened to scare Michael at just the right time.

There were even some bad guys, such as this Chitauri on ice.

There was, of course, an Iron Man.

And a bunch of interactive screens and virtual reality simulations.

Someone was so excited about his new shirt, he just had to put it on right then.  :)

The next day, we decided to take a stroll down by the Han River. We saw some locals along the way:

Then we "walked' across the Banpo Bridge underpass, where there are some pretty extensive bike and walking lanes.

On the other end, we found the Floating Islands. These were the buildings featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron as Dr. Helen Cho's bio lab in Seoul, Korea. In reality, they house some restaurants, exhibit space, and banquet/convention halls.

We strolled around and took some pictures:

Then we headed back over to the Banpo Bridge area to take in the view of N Seoul Tower and watch the famous Rainbow Fountain show.

Here's just a portion for your entertainment:

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