Thursday, May 14, 2015


When we moved here we looked for a physical activity for Michael to be involved in, to replace his involvement at the Little Gym in VA, and were lucky enough to find out about Taekwondo classes at Total Martial Arts System (TMAS) in Itaewon. Since Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, where better to start learning it?

He tried it out, did pretty well, and has been in training for almost a year now. Master Kim and Michael's current instructor, Mr. John, have been very kind and patient with him (training a preschooler is not always that easy!). The activities are fun and designed to build the basic skills needed for more advanced training - balance, control, focus, strength, agility, memory.

He has an adorable little uniform, which he wore well at first and has since decided is too hot, so he wears the belt on occasion...I'll get him back into it soon. He's grown quite a bit, so it probably fits better, as well!

He's gotten better and better; progress happens in small steps and as he matures.

He even was granted the next belt color (yellow) for improving a few weeks back! I was so happy for him, but he was probably the only student ever who was sad about removing his white belt. I managed to catch him mid-cry where it looks like he's smiling...

Not sure what the future will bring for his training, but we're so glad he had the opportunity while here and that he had the influence of some wonderful teachers.

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