Monday, June 15, 2015

A Day at SeoulLand

Here it is - the LAST Korean Adventure post (#124!) and our actual last adventure, other than the trip down to Osan and our flight home this week. It will be short and sweet.

We decided to finally hit SeoulLand. Normally we would not have even ventured near an amusement park on the weekend, but as you may have seen on the news, many over hear are hibernating indoors until the MERS situation clears up.  As a result, we were able to basically walk onto every ride in the park...a park which had a LOT of similarities to a certain park in Orlando...

We had a lot of fun on all of the rides - especially since Michael is now tall enough to do them!


He's so gangsta...ha!

Michael had fun dancing with the parade dancers and characters as we exited the park.

Then it was time for one last trip to Itaewon and a stop for desert at Sweet East - yes, that is a chocolate and banana funnel cake. Yum!

And that's a wrap.

We hope you enjoyed your tour of South Korea for the past year and a half; we've definitely enjoyed our time here and I've had fun sharing it on this blog.

Farewell, Korea!

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