Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our Christmas in Korea

The 2014 Christmas Season has been a busy one for us so far and much different from 2013. At this time last year we were basically homeless and recovering from severe jet lag (which happens when you move halfway around the world!).

We've been able to enjoy events on post, admire the decorations (like the ones pictured on the left at the post office), and re-establish some family traditions. While we cannot physically spend time with family this year, we thought we would share some of our activities here for everyone.

The American Forces' Spouses' Club held it's 1st Annual Tree and Wreath Auction for charity after Thanksgiving, so I helped organize and create some donations for the event - here are what the final products looked like.

--a music themed wreath, a scrapbooking tree, and a Korean music tree--

We have been enjoying our first season with our Elf on the Shelf, which Michael named "Trat". He's been having fun hiding from Michael and leaving little positive notes for him (none of those bad behavior antics will be tolerated in our household!).

Just like last year, the Dragon Hill Lodge decorated for the holiday and 
I managed to snap a few pictures.

They do have an interesting choice in Santas...I'm guessing this one likes the "naughty" list?

There was a tree lighting ceremony held on base, on a very cold and windy night, so we stayed just for the countdown and to snap a few pictures.

Santa likes to play the sax, it seems.

Did I mention it was cold?

Michael finally took some interest in Santa while at a special library story time, and he was very clear in his request for a spaceship with a red astronaut and a blue astronaut.  
Santa took note.

We decorated a tree this year with our one box of Christmas decorations, and though it is smaller than our usual tree, it is much larger than the 6 inch one I managed to squeeze into our luggage last year!

As the spirit of the season is giving, I decided to help organize a collection of gently used baby clothes, supplies, and items for young, unwed mothers at welfare homes in South Korea. The families at Yongsan came through in spectacular fashion and we put together these 20 large gift bags, as well as an additional 10 large bags/boxes of supplies for the homes.

As previously posted, the 8th Army Band gave an excellent holiday concert in a world class facility.

We headed over to the Express Bus Terminal market to see all of the holiday decoration craziness and add to our snowman collection:

Then we had a quick visit to the Millennium Seoul Hilton's Christmas Tree and Train display - was pretty difficult to pull him away from this one!

They had a display of Santas from around the world, many of which were pretty amusing.

American and Korean Santas  :)

 We finished up the holiday events with unit and battalion parties. 
Good food, fun, and friends.

From the Bruns Family to all of you, Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!

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