Monday, December 15, 2014

Children's Museum at the War Memorial

When I heard a new Children’s Museum had opened up by the War Memorial of Korea, right across from USAG-Yongsan, I was excited to check it out with my Michael and some friends. We parked on post and had a nice walk through the airplane section to the newly renovated building.

The outdoor section has a fun little airplane themed playground and ample space for outdoor events. I am guessing there will be some fun programs during the warmer months.

Inside there are a number of rooms that lead through various exhibits about Korea’s war history. Some are fun and informative, while others are a bit too scary for the little ones, in my opinion.

They had a pretty cool ball contraption on the entrance wall.

There was a castle wall section with space on top for Peek-a-boo fun and small alcoves for history lessons underneath.  Can you find Michael?

We had to pause for some photo-ops, of course!

The last section was a playroom, with a cushioned area for kids under 110 cm and fun climbing area for kids OVER 110 cm.

Michael is only 105 I got some very grumpy looks from the attendants when I let him play anyway. He was a pro, though, as he's done more complicated ones at other museums!

Remember how I said this was attached to the War Memorial and Museum? Well, that also meant there were some very specific depictions in the kid's museum about the Japanese occupation.  I made the mistake of pushing the button for one of the large video screens and had to hustle Michael out of there, away from the scary movie.

It was a nice visit, though I don't think we'll head back anytime soon - it's meant for older (and taller) kids, and we can definitely find some fun elsewhere!

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