Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tokyo - Day 5 - Legos!

On our last full day in Tokyo, we woke up to this lovely weather:

As we were also a bit worn out from our tourist excursions so far, we opted to take it easy and headed to Odaiba for a little indoor fun.  We hopped on the subway, transferred a few times, and saw the Fuji TV building as we rode by.

Then we headed to Legoland for some awesome fun.

Making legos!

Zapping trolls and monsters:

There was a great room full of lego models of Tokyo buildings:

Odaiba and Fuji building


Tokyo Tower

Sumo wrestling

Imperial Palace

Senso-ji Temple is Asakusa

Then we headed over to the Master Builders workshop:

And the large climbing play area:

There was a flying wizard ride:

A car building area:

And karaoke!

Enjoy the musical stylings of Mr. Michael, in homage to his current favorites, the Storybots:

Before we left, Michael got to test out his Ninja skills:

And then, of course, we ended up in the Lego store:

While excitedly looking over all of the Lego Star Wars figures, Michael asked who this was with a puzzled look on his face...since we have kind of skipped that part of the saga with him.  :)

Making his own mini-figs to take home:

After that, we called it a trip and went back to the hotel to pack, eat, do some laundry and actually relax on our vacation (what?!).  The next day, we boarded the earliest airport shuttle and headed back to Narita.

While there, we stocked up on Kit Kats of every flavor - rum raisin or green tea, anyone?

We kept ourselves amused by making letters out of our leftover Yen...

..and once we cleared customs, boarded the airport express train back to Seoul.

We had a fun time - hope you enjoyed following along!

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