Thursday, October 9, 2014

Gwacheon Science Museum

Here's another Throwback Thursday post for you - a family trip to the Gwacheon Science Museum! It was a holiday weekend and we were looking for somewhere new to explore.  In looking online at the area by the Zoo, I noticed the museum listed and upon further investigation found it had dinosaurs and dancing robots - sold!

As we entered the building, we already knew this would be a cool space just by the art hanging from the ceiling in the entryway:

Without wasting much time, other than to stash our stuff in a lobby locker, we headed towards the Dinosaur Exhibit. We explored fossils of all shapes and sizes, comparing our feet to theirs.

And then were surprised when an animatronic T-Rex made an abrupt appearance!

That freaked out the little guy just a little bit.  
That, and how large the leg bones were.

All the favorites were there - Triceratops, Stegasaurus, Pteranadon...

Michael was one happy kiddo.

They even had some Mammoths.

Okay, I was a happy girl, as well.

Next were the live exhibits - fish, small mammals, insects, reptiles, etc.

Some pretty gross looking sea cucumbers...which we've seen in eatery fish tanks for sale...

The museum had a pretty extensive technology section - with this sub, car, and interactive video screens, where you control the image on the screen.

Around lunch time we got hungry, so we visited the museum's food court and tried Burger Hunter's menu.

The write-up on the burger wrappers was an interesting read:

Chipmunk cheeks - full of grapes, not hamburgers.

Next up was the Korean artifact section - this display was showing signal lights on the ramparts:

A nice dragon-shaped measuring device.

An example of traditional hanok building.

And we did find some robots in the next section - Wall-E and Eve!

As well as the robots that dance to a few songs, including the ever popular "Gangnam Style" by Psy.

We ended with a trip to the Children's section (yes, there was one among all of this other awesomeness!) and Michael bravely traversed the suspended net tunnels along the ceiling (with Rob in close, but not happy, pursuit)!

Outside there is an entire section of dinosaur statues, rocket ships, and other displays, which we did not even get to see on this very full day - so we'll be going back relatively soon!  I did snap a picture of this snazzy bell, though!

How to get there?

Address:  110, Sanghabeol-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기 과천시 상하벌로 110
By Subway:  Line 4, Seoul Grand Park Station, Exit 5

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