Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Bruns Weekend Update

In our typical fashion, we've been a busy bunch this past weekend - well, for the past two weeks, actually.  I thought I'd share a few highlights for our friends and family out there, especially those who can't follow along with our adventures on Facebook.

Our "angel" in Itaewon...

First came the weekend of parades for Rob. The Eighth Army Band performed at two parades in one day - the first was at the Itaewon Global Village Festival, just off post a bit.  Here's a short clip, thanks to my friend, Jackie:

And a link found on Youtube for a full version:
(Eighth US Army Band parade performances - Itaewon Global Village Festival 2014)

Afterwards, the band stopped for dinner and Rob bravely tried octopus - complete with live, squirming creatures being cooked on their table top. You might be able to catch a glimpse here:

Peek-a-boo...going to eat you...

Michael says he wants to eat an octopus now...
this from the kid who can't eat a piece of bread without gagging!

The Eighth Army Band then performed a combined concert with the Republic of Korea (ROK) Capital Defense Command (CDC) Band on October 15th at Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. 

Called "Love of Country," the concert was a U.S.-ROK Joint Military Concert performed to commemorate 61 years of alliance between the two countries. There is a pretty nice write-up about it on the army page HERE (the link sometimes does not work for me, but you can try).  Rob conducted a few tunes and it was a well-received event:

There was also a pretty nice news clip about it on the Armed Forces Network - 
click the following link:

Rob ran in the Spartan Race Korea with a group from the 8th Army Band this past Saturday.  Discounting the super long bus ride to and from, they had a glorious, mud-tastic time. Lots of obstacles, lots of hills, and lots of mud.


and after:

Michael continues to "play soccer" each Saturday morning in the 3-5 year old bracket. They have a fun time running after the ball, or simply chasing each other, and they've even learned a few things along the way...okay, maybe not, but they are still having fun! Occasionally the ball stays within bounds, isn't picked up by a kid, and is kicked near a goal.  Rob says it's like herding cats...I tend to agree.

I recently tried my hand at another painting at an Art & Seoul event - this time the subject was Seoul Tower - due to the parades, Michael had to tag along, so no adult beverages for me - but here's the result:

And finally, while Rob was off traversing mud pits like an ancient warrior, Michael and I took a leisurely ride on the subway to Sindorim for a little play time at Pororo's Park.

Look - Halloween in Korea!

We then enjoyed some beautiful Irish music at The Ceilidh: a Celtic music and dance festival being held nearby. Yep, Irish music in Korea - 'cause, why not?  Enjoy!

Our next post? A day's hike around Suwon's Hwaseong Fortress!

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