Monday, April 28, 2014

Lotus Lantern Festival

It was a rainy day this past Sunday, but we managed to enjoy some time at the Yeon Deung Hoe Lotus Lantern Festival

We took a quick 2-stop ride on the subway and walked to the Jogyesa Temple to see the beautiful lanterns hung in the courtyard and larger ones displayed from the previous night's parade.

I had registered us online to create lotus lantern's through a free program for foreigners
and we had a few hours of paper twisting and gluing fun.

We had to make 80+ individual petals and more than a dozen green leaves...time consuming, but relaxing, as it's intended.

Yes, even Michael had fun, though he doesn't look it here!

Afterwards, we had two lovely lanterns and got to visit the rest of the street festival, complete with ceremonies, motto making, crafts, informational booths - you name it!


  1. Those are truly beautiful. It's fanatastic yuzguz are going out on 'the town.' It's the only way to do these assignments.

    1. The lanterns are even better lit up - so great! And there is so much to see, I can't imagine not getting out to see it all! :)