Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My 100th Post!!

100 BLOG POSTS!!! How is that possible? Holy cow, that's a lot of Korean adventure!

And now for another BIG announcement: we're moving back to the US early - as in months early!! We will be heading back to the East Coast sometime this summer.

This, of course, comes with some pretty mixed feelings.

Yay! We'll be closer to family and stateside friends, we'll be starting on a new adventure, and we will have an easier time getting access to some things we've missed. Oh, and we won't have to move the week before Christmas again (major YAY to that one!).

Boo! because we lose six months of time for exploring Korea and other Asian countries, we'll be leaving some awesome friends and activities behind, and we'll have to deal with moving prep in a shortened amount of time.

So, watch for some new adventures and posts as we frantically try to cram in as many things from our bucket list as possible - it's going to be a crazy few months!


  1. Wow! 100 posts! Seems like you started only yesterday. Glad you;re going to be back sooner though it is sad that you'll miss some exploration - get traveling now while you can!

    1. That's the plan Kurt - I'm a one woman travel agency all of a sudden!

  2. Oh, I'm so bummed we won't overlap! :-( Enjoy the next few months to the fullest!

    1. I know! But I'll be there virtually, through Korea Ye! ;)