Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tubing at Ttuekseom Hangang Park

A week or so ago, we headed out with friends to the Ttuekseom Hangang Park area for some fun in the snow.  The same area is a water park in the summer - looks like this:

It is magically transformed into a 2-tiered sledding and tubing area with 
man-made snow during the winter. Here's Michael heading down the smaller hill:

We both took turns on the larger hill, but since I was tubing at that point (yup - couldn't keep me off the slope!), I did not get any shots of that:

I did get 5 whole seconds of Michael in action, though:

There was also a fun "ice fishing" experience for the kids - complete with ice cubes in the water and a cool little fishing net. We had the option bring the fish to a tent to be cooked for a snack, but we opted for the catch and release method.

His GIANT fish:

We finished off the day with some fun sledding on a smaller slope.


And the required number of snow angels...

Fun in the sun with some snow!

How to get there: Ttukseom Resort Station (Seoul Subway Line 7), Exit 2 or 3.

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