Friday, November 28, 2014

Random "Living in Korea" Stuff - Part 6

Here are a few more random things about living in Korea:

1.  Selfie sticks! Want to get the ultimate self portrait while out and about? Then you need one of these bad boys! Very useful for group selfie shots and oh-so-fun, for just about 5,000 won!

Selfie-stick in use!

2.  Poop socks! Koreans have the BEST socks, with tons of cute patterns, characters, and sayings on them. This particular pair is so craptastic that I may have to get a bunch for Christmas presents - ha ha ha - just kidding! (Or am I?)

3.  Rooftops - this is the view from our apartment's storage room window. Nestled among the new, gleaming high-rises are a number of cobbled together shops and homes. I look down at the tarps, crumbling tiles, and stacks of teetering kimchi pots on some and honestly wonder how they manage to stay dry when it rains.

4.  Waffles - I occasionally try a new street snack during my travels and I think my new favorite is the waffle with some sort of cream cheese mixture inside - yummy!

5.  What does Seoul really look like? I've shared a LOT of photos on my blog posts, but here's a great time lapse video by a fellow at ROK-On that will give you the bigger picture.  It's fun for me to watch and say, "Hey, I've been to that spot!"  Enjoy:

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