Saturday, September 6, 2014

A visit to Busan - Day 3

Day 3 in Busan - we started out with a very cloudy sky and the weather forecast was for all day rain - so we loaded up on umbrellas and headed over to the Busan Sea Life Aquarium for our planned indoor excursion.  Best part - it was just a quick walk down the beach from our hotel!

The aquarium is an underground, three-level structure with plenty to do and enjoy - especially if you have a little one who absolutely LOVES sea creatures, like we do.  I had fun, as well, and Rob tolerated the experience - ha ha ha!  

We saw lots of fish and their friends (or foe)...

We were able to see the sea otter feeding - so adorable!

There is an entire section with interactive screens dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of the area’s finless porpoises (which resemble small beluga whales).  We spent a good portion of time there.

They have a pretty large touch tank and Michael was finally brave enough to venture near the hermit crabs, sea stars, and shark egg sacks.

Next up was a glass-bottomed boat ride over the shark tank - we suited up in life vests and were given instructions (with pictures) of what to do if we fell overboard.  Just in case you ever encounter a shark while out and about, remember to float and stay perfectly still so you look like a tree - don’t swim, or you’ll look like a tasty seal!

We cruised over the tank, fed the fish, and spied on the critters below.


Giant Grouper!!

On Level 2, we found an assortment of jellyfish, which Michael proceeded to torment with the color changing feature.


We took a break at the kids play area - well, Rob and I did, at least.

Next we saw smaller jellies, some inquisitive sting rays, and a giant ocean sunfish.

We enjoyed some more viewing of their larger tanks before we stopped for lunch in the food court.  Then it was a final stop at the gift shop area to crush our son's dream of owning every sea animal creature available.  Oh, and we HAD to buy the touristy photo they took of us, since we could not stop laughing. Can you guess why?

Yup - my dress was the EXACT shade of green as the green screen they use for the background prep!

When we surfaced from the aquarium, we found ourselves at the mercy of a major downpour - umbrellas were valiantly deployed, but alas, we were drenched from the quick walk home. This was the view from our room for the rest of the day:

We happily stayed inside to take a break from all the walking and enjoyed a lazy afternoon of videos and reading.  While not on my reading list, I did check just to see - and yup, there was a Gideon Bible in the hotel room, as well as a book on the teachings of Buddha.

We did the English newspaper that magically came to our room, though.

We did venture out for dinner and found a cozy little Italian restaurant behind our hotel called Aligoté.  We enjoyed some pizza and wine while having the place to ourselves - definitely the “off season” here!

Stay tuned for Day 4 - the last day - coming your way soon!

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